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Further Offshore Emergency Training

Программа тренинга:

The course focuses on the following elements. Delegates will be required to demonstrate their skills and the level of knowledge and understanding of the following key areas:

Helicopter Safety & Escape
Use of Emergency Breathing System equipment. Practical Dry & in-Water Emergency Breathing System training. Practical emergency ditching and escape training, including evacuation and submerged escape exercises.

Firefighting and Self Rescue
Use of hand held extinguishers. Self-rescue techniques in reduced visibility and completely obscured visibility. Use of escape hoods.

Emergency First Aid
Raising the Alarm. Immediate First aid actions including ABC.

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The objectives of the FOET (with EBS) are that delegates will be able to: a) Demonstrate, in a simulated environment, that they can use the safety equipment and follow procedures in preparing for and during helicopter emergencies – with particular focus on escaping from a ditched helicopter; b) Demonstrate that they can use basic firefighting equipment effectively, and use self-rescue techniques in low visibility and completely obscured visibility situations e.g. smoke filled areas; c) Demonstrate that they can perform basic first aid.

Место проведения:

Идет набор Дата проведения: 4 апреля
Продолжительность: Лекции: 1 (часы: 8) Стоимость: 390.0 AZN

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